We are HouseCheck

HouseCheck has in recent years taken a strong position in the Amsterdam real estate market. A good reputation and local knowledge is essential. Our engineers know the city well and find it very nice to work here. The compact design of the Office the lines are short and you will immediately notice that you are there with us. In addition to our permanent staff, we work together with a fixed circle of external specialists. This way we can guarantee the quality at all times. We have an excellent relationship with the city of Amsterdam, are aware of the regulations and know exactly what’s going on. View below to see a slideshow of our employees during our work.


We value quality, all our staff are highly trained, and does the company comply with the requirements (NEN-normen).

  • Mission

    For many people, buying a House is the biggest investment in their lives. Most people who buy a house are not literate in architectural good estimate of the possible architectural risks. Housecheck fights for this group of people and thus prevents possible major financial problems.

  • Vision

    HouseCheck is an important player in the field of architectural inspections and environmental permit applications for Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Increase the living comfort of residents with a permanent focus towards our customers.

  • Business philosophy

    Commitment to the client, attention to detail and maximum attention for a perfect completion of the command are important pillars in the company philosophy. In addition, flexibility is a very characteristic point of HouseCheck.

The team


ing. Guido van Grieken


Guido has founded the company and attended the LTS, MTS and the HTS engineering. He also worked a number of years on various construction sites in the renovation and new construction.


ing. Raoul Alexander

Building engineer

Raoul is working at HouseCheck since 2014. He started as an intern and since beginning 2017 as a building engineer. Raoul has both the MTS as HTS.


ing. David Wessels

Structural engineer

Also, David attended the LTS, MTS, HTS engineering and received his propedeuse in the Academy of architecture. For this is David for more than 10 years project leader at an Architect.


ing. Quintin Tonnard


Calculate a roof terrace to Foundation repair, our constructor Quintin, can do it. With over 20 years of experience an expert in the field of constructions.

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